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A young man smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.
A young woman smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.
A young man smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.
A young woman smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.
A young woman smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.
A young woman smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.
A young woman smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.
A young woman smiling into the sunlight at a festival on a bright sunny day.

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A woman smiling at the camera, enjoying a nice day at a festival.

Performing Outstanding
Event Services Since 2007

At Arise Event Services, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional event services that exceed expectations. Approaching nearly 2 decades of taking care of our communities, our level of experience is unsurpassed by any company in the region. We specialize in ensuring the safety and security of many large events all up and down the east coast, everything from festivals and burns to workshops and sporting events.


Specialized Event Services for Every Occasion

At Arise Event Services, we specialize in offering a range of top-notch event services to ensure the success and safety of your event. From our most prized medical and security services, to logistical support with gate, box office, parking and more, we have you covered.

Medical Service

Our fully licensed medical professionals provide comprehensive care and services to handle any emergencies or medical needs during your event.

Security Service

Our highly trained safety personnel ensure the safety and security of your event, creating a secure environment for all attendees.

Auxiliary Staff

Need additional support for logistical positions like box office, parking, or gate? Our professional auxiliary staff is here to assist you.

Past Event Showcase

Here’s just some of the many great events we’ve proudly served.

Two men playing on a stage at the Charleston Bluegrass Festival

"The Charleston Bluegrass Festival takes place on the pristine 6,000-acre grounds of the Woodlands Nature Reserve, a hidden gem in one of the world's top destinations, Charleston, South Carolina."

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A group of One-Wheel riders standing in front of the Oak City Shred Fest sign

"Whether you're an experienced rider, have only ridden a few miles, or are simply a spectator soaking in the electrifying ambiance, Oak City Shred Fest promises an unforgettable experience where passion, talent, and stoke converge."

View Event
A band playing live at the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival

"The Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance is a collaboration between the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center and the GrassRoots Festival Organization, providing a family-friendly celebration of music, dance, art and education; a Music Lovers' Paradise!"

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Why Choose Arise Event Services?

15+ Years of Experience

Client-Centric Approach

Professional and Licensed Staff

Smooth Operations

Our seasoned professionals know how to navigate any challenge, providing you with peace of mind. You’ll have the confidence that your event is being managed by an experienced team who understand the intricacies of large scale gatherings and functions.

Exceptional Service

At Arise we go above and beyond, providing not just medical and safety services, but a comprehensive approach to ensuring the well-being and overall comfort of all event attendees. Know that even if something isn’t “our job”, when our staff sees someone in need of help, we will take action.

Local Knowledge & Nation Ready

Cost-Effective Services

Commitment to Safety

We train our staff in de-escalation, consent, respect, compassion, clear communication, empathy and positive resolution/solution finding. All our staff are minimum CPR/AED certified. You can relax knowing that our team puts safety and harm reduction first, and sees that your event runs smoothly, securely, and successfully.

“Have worked with Arise and Laine for so many years…always professional and top notch medical, greening and security services at our events! Arise is the way to go for one stop festival staffing. They are the best!!”

Justyn Thompson

Event Coordinator, FBRF & Floatlife

“Arise is equipped with expertise, organization, professionalism and great attitudes. Their highly skilled team allows our organization to feel secure during events, as we know our attendees, performers and staff are in capable hands. When called to action, they handle each situation with extreme care and privacy of individuals. They are always prepared and I highly recommend their services.”

Emily Wilhelm

Lead Organizer, Shakori Hills Grassroots & Finger Lakes NY Festival

“Arise has provided security and medic services for our several day camping events. They are consummate professionals. Easy to work with. Their security dialed in perfecting- there when we need them and practically invisible when we don’t. We are incredibly grateful for their service. It’s a huge relief as an organizer to know they’ve got us covered.”

Renee Orth

Event Organizer, Emergence Regional Burn

"The best in the biz"


Skrimp Scampi Festival

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