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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Arise Event Services.

How do I get a quote for my event?

Reach out! We are easy to reach by filling out the form on our website, calling us, or emailing us at We would love to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Are your medical staff licensed?

Yes! To assume a role in a 'medic' position, it is imperative to hold a valid EMT-B license or higher. The majority of our leadership positions are held by Registered Nurses or individuals with even higher qualifications. It is important to note that all our roles are supervised by a Medical Director.

When is the best time to book with us?

As soon as possible. We prioritize reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. Typically, our availability for the year ahead fills up by February, providing us with a comprehensive schedule extending through November. Many of our clients secure their place on our calendar immediately following their event, as soon as they have established their dates for the following year. However, we encourage you to contact us without delay, as there can be cancellations or occasional weekend openings. We look forward to hearing from you!

What departments do you fill?

Our most prized is Medical and Safety/Security. We can also fill logistical positions like parking, box office, gate, and more.

What equipment do you bring on site?

We have an HQ and Medical Booth set-up. That includes all medical supplies, AEDs, Narcan and so much more. We have everything from fentanyl test strips to sunscreen. Everything to help your attendees feel comfortable. We have our own generators, lighting, camping gear, tarps and equipment for all of our operations.

Do you work with local law enforcement and EMS?

Yes we do!  Whenever a situation escalates to an unlawful, dangerous or medically unsound situation we inform and fully cooperate with local authorities and facilitate higher medical care with great expediency. We contact these local departments before our arrival to form a line of communication so that they know us and we know them. It helps everyone feel safer and better informed.

Are your staff prepared for emergency management and crowd control?

Yes. Our staff are usually certified in Crowd Control Management individually and we are all trained on Emergency Procedures per site. Some Events have their own procedures which we review before the Event and oftentimes merge with our own pre-set guidelines for procedures depending on the emergency.

Do you have AEDs, Epinephrine, and other life saving devices?

Yes, including bag valve masks, one way respirators, backboards and so much more.

What makes your company unique?

Our distinctive approach, characterized by compassion and versatility in addressing conflicts and emergencies, underscores our commitment to harm reduction. Moreover, our comprehensive supply inventory and triage area is designed to effectively address both minor and major incidents. We take pride in our extensive experience in this field, with many team members who are not only well-acquainted with but also actively part of the communities we serve. This deep connection is paramount to our substantial investment in these communities.

Our unique approach to medical care sets us apart, as we have nurses on staff who can assess and manage on-site situations, providing a higher level of patient care than traditional EMTs or paramedics. We are always on site, whether that be for four days or two weeks, we're the first to show up and last to leave.

Furthermore, our unwavering dedication to quality, combined with our aspiration to foster enduring relationships, compels us to maintain the highest standards of performance. We are resolute in holding ourselves accountable and delivering services of the utmost quality.

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