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Arise Event Services

Event Staffing Solutions

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Our Industries of Expertise


We have licensed, on-site Staff available and ready in case of any minor or major incident. Your Patrons will be much more comfortable with all the amenities we supply! We liaison with local EMS for any and all emergencies as needed and make sure your patrons are cared for and protected throughout the entirety of your Event. ARISE Medical Staff show that they are happy to be helping the communities of Events in this way.



ARISE Event Safety Officers fill a special niche in our Industry where a need exists to keep patrons and event participators out of harms way. We are the eyes and ears of the community, readily reaching out to outside officers if needed. ARISE's unique brand of de-escalation techniques makes your Event a more safe and pleasant one.




ARISE offers reliable Staffing solutions for logistical positions as well! Parking, Front-Gate, Box Office, Quartermaster and much more! We can take Lead positions in logistical departments and even direct your own Staff and Volunteers. We can help set-up, tear-down and play key roles in facilitating a fun and smooth Event.


Arise Event Services LLC staff provide something that most Festival Services don't. We provide personal one-on-one care both for medical and emotional support and safety. We have experience working many varied types of Events since 2007. We make sure that your Event has the personnel it needs to run smooth, safely and to stay clean. Our job as on-hand and on-site Event Staff is to understand the needs of our employers and staff seekers. We help bring together the perfect match in expertise, skill and personality.
Our clients receive personalized and quality care from qualified, insured and licenced experts. We are ready to make your next Event successful, safe, clean and secure. Get in touch with us today we look forward to serving you!

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